Leveraged Staking $QSX MultiToken Platform

Built on the ❤️ Binance Smart Chain

👉Set slippage to 2%, can buy after Presale!


QSX is the native token of QuasarX.io platform, every leveraged position contributes 3% to the token holders. Lending and borrowing will not be possible without hodling a minimum of QSX token.


QuasarX.io platform allows BSC traders to open leveraged positions to both Long and Short the market, adding the functionality of not only protecting against a falling market but also profiting from it while staking

The QuasarX Community

Our community is the basis for the QSX platform. We have holders, shillers, marketers, devs and all in all amazing people from a variety of countries. Join our Telegram channel or follow us on Twitter. And don’t forget to share!

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